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Our Access Control Options

Key Fob Entry: Our key fob entry system allows secure and convenient access to your facility. Authorized personnel can effortlessly unlock doors with a simple swipe of their key fob. This technology provides an added layer of security while streamlining entry for employees.

Keypad Entry: Similar to the key fob entry, our keypad system grants access through a personal PIN code. This customizable solution lets you assign unique codes to authorized users, making it easy to track and control access to different areas of your property.

Door Buzzer Entry System: Enhance visitor management with our door buzzer entry system. This feature enables you to remotely unlock doors for visitors, ensuring a safe and welcoming experience. You can visually identify visitors and grant access with a simple button press.


At P.R.E. Security, we understand the unique security needs of Charlotte, NC businesses and residents. That’s why we offer tailored access control systems designed to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need key fob, keypad, or buzzer entry systems, our experts will work closely with you to ensure seamless installation and user-friendly operation.

Protect your property and assets with P.R.E. Security’s access control systems in Charlotte, NC. Contact us today to discuss your security needs and schedule a consultation. We are committed to providing top-tier security solutions to keep your premises safe and secure.

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