4 Crucial Factors to Consider When Installing Surveillance Cameras

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that there are more than 3.7 million annual burglaries in the United States. Most of them involve business break-ins with the intention to steal.

If security is a major concern for your small business, it makes sense to take active steps in protecting your property by considering the best surveillance technologies. Read on to learn more about the security camera installation Charlotte NC residents trust.

The Ability to View Remotely

Your ability to view your business remotely is arguably the most important feature in a surveillance camera. You have to keep in mind that you will probably not want to sit and monitor your cameras constantly, which means that there should be a feature for alerting you when something suspicious happens. Your security camera installation Charlotte NC solutions provider should help you pick a system with the best remote services.

Most modern cameras come with motion detection technology ensuring that you will not be alerted unless an object moves across the view. Such a feature ensures that you do not spend all your time staring at the feed. While motion-detecting surveillance cameras are typically more expensive than their traditional counterparts, the investment is worth it.

Monitoring the Number of Users

One of the key benefits of remote surveillance is that you can allow other trusted individuals to access the feeds and assist you with the surveillance. However, this technology has been abused by computer hackers such that a single remote user can provide the feed to the other parties.

You want a surveillance system that alerts you in case one of your trusted remote users duplicates the stream, which would only happen if they have given up their credentials to a different party. With such a feature, you will quickly know who you can trust and who you cannot.

Some surveillance cameras have more advanced features that let you set the maximum number of streams possible, ensuring that it is difficult for spies to obtain the same feeds. Therefore, the security camera installation Charlotte NC residents find reliable should have the right package for monitoring the users.

Functionality in Low Light

Many small business owners make the mistake of buying a surveillance camera without considering its ability to capture motion in dimly-lit or dark conditions. Camera technology has advanced to the extent that small sensors allow you to see movement in the dark. It is advisable to consider buying a surveillance camera for your business if it comes with this technology.

A major reason why cameras need to capture motion in dimly-lit conditions is that most burglars will only strike when the lights are turned off. If your video surveillance camera only works in bright conditions, it will be of no use if the crimes are perpetrated in the darkness. You have to remember that some modern criminals use sophisticated methods to prevent alarm systems from working, which means that your cameras may be your only bet. Working with a reputable security camera installation Charlotte NC residents trust will guarantee that all the cameras have this feature.

A Wide Dynamic Range

A surveillance camera should have a wide dynamic range to prevent the bright light of the setting and rising sun from grinding its sensor. Another important consideration for dynamic range is the quality of the images and footage.

Generally, a camera with an extreme dynamic range tends to distort objects at the farthest horizons. The balance between quality and dynamic range depends on the size of your premises. These features and more will depend on whether your security camera installation company is capable of recommending the best solutions for your needs.

Studies have shown that criminals use force to break into 95% of all buildings. With this statistic in mind, you should consider investing in a suitable security system that takes care of your specific needs.

A responsible security company should recommend the most important features in surveillance cameras, as discussed above. Contact us today if you are looking for a security camera installation Charlotte NC residents count on.

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