4 Ways to Protect Your Home This Summer

There is one burglary every 13 seconds in the United States. We all want our property to be safe and secure while we are away. Making sure that you have the right security system and the right tips in hand can truly help you feel more protected. Here are a few key ways you can protect your home this summer.

Install a Home Security System

Security systems are a great thing. The sound of an alarm is often enough to deter any would-be burglar and send them running. They can also notify the police if someone breaks into your property. Security systems are different than a video surveillance system in that most do not have any sort of camera and are mainly going to be using sound to deter burglars. A security system is the first step in a great plan to keep your property safe this summer.

Install a Video Surveillance System

Using a video surveillance system in conjunction with a security system is the best course of action to keep your property safe and secure. Video surveillance helps you keep an eye on your property so you can see what’s going on around your house. This is especially convenient when you’re away from your home so you can make sure no unsolicited visitors enter your house.

Avoid Certain Phrasing Around Strangers

Another thing you can do to protect your property this summer is to avoid certain phrasing around strangers. Though we all love to tell people we are going on vacation or are going out of town, this can sometimes put your property at risk of burglary. Any phrasing that lets people know you are going to be away from the property for a prolonged amount of time can alert them to the opportunity to break in and steal.

Secure Your Property When You Leave

Your home’s locks are your first line of defense against burglars. It’s important to make sure you’re locking your door and windows when you leave your house and when you go to sleep. A deadbolt lock can be a great way to make your home more secure, too.

With a great security system and video surveillance system in place, you can help to protect your home at all times this summer. Contact PRE Security today to learn more about which quality security system is right for you.

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